We are thrilled with the feedback we have received from the issues we have published so far. Thank you everyone for your wonderful words! Here’s a sampling of feedback from Bowie fans.


The more I read the more I love your work. The fanzine is really special.



It really is a quality piece of work which eclipses all others I’ve previously had.



Went home to my parents and got my hands on my copy of DBG Mag. Absolutely beautiful thing!



It’s here!! It’s gorgeous! Thanks.



A beautiful thing.

-Lady Stardust


Magazine is brilliant! Congrats to all involved.



Yesssss! A masterpiece IMHO.



Boys, Boys, it’s a sweet thing, sweet thing.



It’s landed!! Another superb production full of awesomeness!



It’s fabulous.

-Roulotte 69


Beautiful. Both of them. Makes me feel very emotional. Fantastic work. You are all brilliant. xx



I was expecting a Ford Focus and received a Rolls Royce!



Total surprise Top quality and very professional.



It’s finally arrived and it is amazing!!! Love it!!! Superior quality.



OMG IT CAME AND IT’S STUNNING! I’m sooo happy!!!



What a fantastic mag! Love anecdotes and stories shared. Bravo.



The beautiful fanzine & classy poster reached the USA over the weekend. TY 4 yr fine work — a labor/labour of love! 🙂



It’s here! The fanzine is a MASTERPIECE. It’s GORGEOUS. So much more than I hoped for. Thank you, thank you!



If we’re rating it out of 10 am I allowed to go for 11? It’s absolutely brilliant.



I am blown away by the content & quality of the fanzine. Our love of David Bowie shines through. Thank you.



Wow! Just Wow…….You guys did a terrific job!