We are thrilled with the feedback we have received from the issues we have published so far. Thank you everyone for your wonderful words! Here’s a sampling of feedback from Bowie fans.

Well done everyone on the ULTIMATE FANZINE.. so many memories for all.

– Woody Woodmansey

The more I read the more I love your work. The fanzine is really special.


It’s a thing of beauty

-Neil Gaiman

It really is a quality piece of work which eclipses all others I’ve previously had.


A great fanzine.

– Cerys Matthews (BBC Radio 6 Music)

Went home to my parents and got my hands on my copy of DBG Mag. Absolutely beautiful thing!


I’m going to kick back and read every article

– Tony Visconti

It’s here!! It’s gorgeous! Thanks.


It’s awesome. Beautiful publication

– Gerry Leonard

A beautiful thing.

-Lady Stardust

Keep up the good work. Love and gratitude


Magazine is brilliant! Congrats to all involved.


You’re quality! Kudos to you. I mean, it’s been quite an odyssey – every turn has improved your vision.

-Carlos Alomar

Yesssss! A masterpiece IMHO.


Beautiful tribute from the new fanzine David Bowie: Glamour. Loaded with great stories from DB collaborators and friends

– Robin Clark

Boys, Boys, it’s a sweet thing, sweet thing.


Very cool Bowie mag. Beautifully put together

– James Stevenson

It’s landed!! Another superb production full of awesomeness!


I like the fact that you guys are making the fanzine. It’s so cool. It’s cool that you give them something to continue with. It’s a quality thing

– Earl Slick

Wow! Just Wow…….You guys did a terrific job!


Your magazine’s quite beautiful

– Tony Zanetta

I am blown away by the content & quality of the fanzine. Our love of David Bowie shines through. Thank you.


I just received a package that contains 2 BEAUTIFUL books

– Harry Maslin

It’s fabulous.

-Roulotte 69

Beautiful. Both of them. Makes me feel very emotional. Fantastic work. You are all brilliant. xx


One of the 100 best things in the world

-British GQ

I was expecting a Ford Focus and received a Rolls Royce!


Total surprise Top quality and very professional.


It’s finally arrived and it is amazing!!! Love it!!! Superior quality.


OMG IT CAME AND IT’S STUNNING! I’m sooo happy!!!


What a fantastic mag! Love anecdotes and stories shared. Bravo.


The beautiful fanzine & classy poster reached the USA over the weekend. TY 4 yr fine work — a labor/labour of love! 🙂


It’s here! The fanzine is a MASTERPIECE. It’s GORGEOUS. So much more than I hoped for. Thank you, thank you!


If we’re rating it out of 10 am I allowed to go for 11? It’s absolutely brilliant.


I am blown away by the content & quality of the fanzine. Our love of David Bowie shines through. Thank you.