David Bowie: Glamour – The Fanzine










Welcome to the website for the fanzine, David Bowie: Glamour. We are overwhelmed by the response to the first issue. It far exceeded our expectations. We sold all available copies in two and a half days! Ordering for issue 1 has now finished and the fanzine shipped worldwide on 23rd January 2017. We are very proud of it and we are thrilled at the amazing reaction to it.

We are busy preparing issue two, and it’s shaping up to be as great as issue one, with some amazing high-profile contributors and top fan content. This is a fanzine by the fans, for the fans. You make it what it is, so if you have an article in you, please write it down and send it in. Some people have said they worry their writing might not be up to par. Don’t worry! It is! The story’s the thing. We can work with you to edit if needed – but send your idea to us! For submission guidelines, click on the ‘about’ tab.

Thank you everyone for your support. As always, follow @davidbowieglam @quietseclusion and @lovemilkycereal on Twitter for the latest information. For submissions, please email davidbowieglamour@yahoo.com.