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Welcome to the home of David Bowie: Glamour.

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Issue 9
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World Fan Convention
This is the fanzine by the fans, for the fans. Launched in January 2017 with a focus on top quality design and content from the highest-profile Bowie figures, lavishly illustrated and with a focus on fans and fandom, David Bowie: Glamour is now established as the blueprint for twenty-first century fanzines. As a wise person (Nick’s daughter, Sophie) once said, ‘every page is like a poster’.

We bring you interviews with top Bowie collaborators and insiders as well as articles and artwork by fans. We also feature unseen photos of David Bowie and lots more.

David Bowie: Glamour is a high quality, lavishly illustrated high end coffee table magazine. Some have said it is higher quality than they’d expect from a fanzine, but we still call it a fanzine because it is by fans.

“Beautiful tribute from the new fanzine David Bowie: Glamour. Loaded with great stories from DB collaborators and friends”Robin Clark