Welcome to David Bowie: Glamour


“Well done everyone on the ULTIMATE FANZINE…so many memories for all.” – Woody Woodmansey

Welcome to the home of David Bowie: Glamour – the fanzine. We have been overwhelmed by the response to the first issue. It far exceeded our expectations. We sold all available copies in two and a half days! We are very proud of it and we are thrilled at the amazing reaction to it. This is a fanzine by the fans, for the fans. You make it what it is, so if you have an article in you, please write it down and send it in. Thank you everyone for your support. For the latest information follow @davidbowieglam @quietseclusion and @lovemilkycereal on Twitter.

Submission guidelines:

What we are looking for: Fan art, stories, encounters, reviews, opinion pieces or anything else. Pieces with illustrations have a greater chance of acceptance, as do shorter pieces (500-1000 words). In written pieces, please place song titles in single inverted commas and album titles in italics.

Some people have said they worry their writing might not be up to par. Don’t worry! It is! The story’s the thing. We can work with you to edit if needed – but send your idea to us!

For submissions, please email davidbowieglamour@yahoo.com.

“Beautiful tribute from the new fanzine David Bowie: Glamour. Loaded with great stories from DB collaborators and friends”Robin Clark

19 thoughts on “Welcome to David Bowie: Glamour

  1. Hi can’t find the link for issue 2.
    I was in Australia for issue 1 but still managed to order and receive a cop. Brilliant to read. Can you email me the link.x

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      1. Hi David. Thanks for asking. PayPal is currently the only method. There is one other possibility: if you click on the buy button on the site it gives the option to pay by card. It’s worth a try. Some people have been able to; others say it defaults back to PayPal.

        Best wishes



    1. Hi Erica. Nice to hear from you again. What a night that was! Have you preordered already? If not, click on ‘Purchase David Bowie Glamour ‘ on this site (or on menu if you’re on a mobile). Cheers.


  2. Andy, was good to meet you briefly last night at the holy holy gig at hull city hall. you mentioned that you may run a re-print on issue #1 at some point, i dont do facebook or twitter and wondered if you could email me if the re-print happens. i’ve just pre-ordered #2 but would love to have the entire collection starting with the first one !


    1. Hi Pete. It’s Nick here, Andy’s partner in crime. I was at the first gig in Hull. I hear the second was even better than the first!

      Thanks for your interest in any reprint of issue 1 that we do. I’ll try to remember to send that email but I think I’d better not promise as I don’t know how far in the future it may be. I’d suggest keeping an eye on this website as well.

      Best wishes



  3. Hello guys! I discovered the existance of this Fan Zine today. I’m completely enamoured by the beauty and hard work invested in this project. I’m a girl from the island of Puerto Rico whose life, just like millions, was changed by Bowie. I pre-ordered issue #2 but I was wondering if there is any chance of getting issue #1? Would there be any re-issues? Also, when is the deadline for submiting artwork for issue 2? Thanks so much! 💜


    1. Hi Luanna.

      Thank you for your interest in the fanzine. We havent made any concrete decisions about whether to reprint issue 1 yet but issue 2 is available for pre-order now from this site (click on ‘Purchase David Bowie Glamour Magazine’ or ‘menu’).

      Submissions are now closed for issue 2 but we are taking submissions for issue 3. Email davidbowieglamour@yahoo.com




      1. Hello, might there be any chance to be included in Issue 3 if a submission is not included in Issue 2? Would you contact authors if included?
        Thank you so much for your delightful “crime” 🙂


      2. Hiya. Glad you like the fanzine. Articles not included in issue 2 might well make issue 3. We tend to Tweet the names of selected contributors. Thank you for your interest.


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