Welcome to David Bowie: Glamour

GROUPWelcome to the home of David Bowie: Glamour. This is the fanzine by the fans, for the fans. Launched in January 2017 with a focus on top quality design and content from the highest-profile Bowie figures, lavishly illustrated and with a focus on fans and fandom, it is now established as the blueprint for twenty-first century fanzines. As a wise person once said, ‘Every page is like a poster’.

We are currently working on issue 4, which may be something of a departure from previous issues!

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Submission guidelines:

What we are looking for: Fan art, fan photos, stories, essays, interviews, encounters, reviews, opinion pieces or anything else.

  • Written contributions should be submitted on a Word (or equivalent) document.
  • We can fit up to about 700 words on a single page. It’s worth bearing that in mind when you submit. If you submit a 700-word article, it’ll fit on a page. If you send a 1400-word article, it’s two. Space is always at a premium, so we can print more one-page articles than two-page ones.
  • Don’t say, ‘the rest is history’ or ‘fast forward five years’!!
  • In written pieces, please place song titles in single inverted commas and album titles in italics, like this:

‘Panic in Detroit’ (song title in single inverted commas); 

Earthling (album title in italics).

Some people have said they worry their writing might not be up to par. Don’t worry! It is! The story’s the thing. We can work with you to edit if needed – but send your piece to us!

Please email all submissions to: davidbowieglamour@yahoo.com.

“Beautiful tribute from the new fanzine David Bowie: Glamour. Loaded with great stories from DB collaborators and friends”Robin Clark