David Bowie: Glamour is the twenty-first century fanzine dedicated to David Bowie. It exists in print form only and takes the form of a high-end coffee-table style magazine.

As lifelong Bowie fans and enthusiasts of previous Bowie fanzines, Nick and Andy dreamed up the idea of a new fanzine in October 2016, having talked about the possibility for many years. At first, we talked about printing a few dozen copies on a colour photocopier. In November, Nick attended a book signing by Woody Woodmansey, who said, “let me know if I can do anything.” It was then that we started to feel it could take off.

Chris contacted us and offered to design it. This was another watershed moment as he is a professional graphic designer who was able to elevate the fanzine and bring skills we simply didn’t have. Helen agreed to do the front cover and help out with her huge skillset which made the cover of the fanzine beautifully attractive (if we say so ourselves). Chris, busy as ever, left after issue 3 and Lizzie joined us for issues 4-7, bringing her own style and developing the fanzine further. She’s now a big-shot music journalist. From issue 8, Nick and Kathrine are taking over design duies.

We love doing the fanzine and we’re so pleased and privileged that so many of David Bowie’s friends have helped us by contributing so generously. Our approach is to strive to make a magazine that is worthy of the artistry and memory of David Bowie. We print on the highest quality paper using advanced printing techniques which is why the fanzine is more like a glossy high quality book than a traditional fanzine. People sometimes question whether it should be called a fanzine as it is high-end with high production values. However, we feel it certainly is as it has a close focus on fans and their experience and on the Bowie fandom.

Most importantly, David Bowie: Glamour is a community. We love to involve fans as much as possible. If we set up an interview with a Bowie collaborator, we’re just as likely to ask a fan to carry out the interview as do so ourselves. We love to hear from fans too, and to meet up at Bowie events.

To contribute to our community, including submitting articles or artwork, check out our contact page.