Issue 9 TOTP

Issue 9 is now available to order!

Please read carefully – especially the notes at the foot of the page!

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Issue 9 was launched at the World Bowie Convention in Liverpool in June 2022. Numbers available online are more limited that normal as some people discovered the fanzine for the first time at the convention. This issue has 92 pages (it is slightly slimmer than recent issues so it is £5 cheaper than normal). As ever, Nick and Andy have gathered the content, Helen has done the amazing cover art and Nick and Kathrine have designed the magazine. We hope you love it.

Featured in Issue 9:

Carlos Alomar

Joey Arias

John Cambridge

Alan Child

Justin DeVilleneuve

Gail Ann Dorsey


Bob Harris

Eduard Meyer

Denis O’Regan

Maria Primolan


Bethany Usher

Cherry Vanilla

Woody Woodmansey

…and, of course, THE FANS!

Note: We produced two covers for this issue. One based on Bowie’s Lift Off performance of ‘Starman’ and one based on the TOTP performance of the song. The Lift Off one was produced for the convention in Liverpool in June 2022.

Please note: When we sent out issue 8, the post office returned quite a lot of copies to us undelivered, especially from Italy, Belgium and Ireland. Others were asked to pay import duties. It seems that, since the UK left the EU, things are trickier. We are happy to mail to anywhere in the world, of course, but feel it is right that you know about this before ordering.

Please also note that you will not receive an email confirmation. Your PayPal confirmation is your assurance that the order has been received by us.

We regret that we can’t make special arrangements for delivery at different times, by different carriers or to different addresses. We’ve tried to accomodate requests in the past but we’ve ended up with fifty or so different things to do with various orders so it just gets too complicated and mistakes start to happen. Sorry!

We also regret that we can’t combine postage if you’re ordering more than one copy. It takes such a long time to pack up hundreds of fanzines and take them to the post office. Even though it doesn’t seem like much, it would take so much longer if we had to check each order to see if it was one copy or two. Also, the fanzine is close to the weight and size limit to be sent as a large letter. If we put two in a package, it would be classified as a parcel and is quite a lot more expensive so there’s barely a saving anyway.