Issue 1


Being the first, issue 1 is very special to us.  Andy and Nick dreamed up the idea of producing a new David Bowie fanzine in October 2016, having talked about the possibility for many years. The dream started to become a reality when Chris Jones at Milky Cereal contacted Nick to offer his services as a designer. We were soon joined by Helen Green, our amazing cover artist.

Initially, we thought we might sell 50-100 copies. We opened for pre-orders in December 2016 and sold out 350 copies in two-and-a-half days which we shipped to fans in January. It came with an A3 sized poster of the cover.

When copies started to change hands for big money on eBay, we decided to do a reprint so that fans could get it from us for the cover price instead of paying collector prices. About 1000 copies now exist in all. There are three versions which are subtly different. The differences are mainly due to printing techniques.

The popularity of the fanzine took us by surprise. We were also delighted by the generosity of David’s friends and associates who gave their time and energy to make it a reality.

We don’t have any plans to reprint issue 1. It has now become very collectible and is fetching high prices once again.

Issue 1 contributors included:

“Well done everyone on the ULTIMATE FANZINE.. so many memories for all.”

– Woody Woodmansey