Issue 4

Issue 4 on pale bg - square

Issue 4 was our most successful issue yet!

It was the first to be designed by the absurdly talented Lizzie Capewell. The fabulous cover art was by Helen Green as always. It really was beautiful and lived up to our tag line ‘every page is like a poster’. At eighty pages, it was almost double the size of issues 1 and 2. It also had, in our opinion, some of the best content ever.

Issue 4 came with a lithograph art print of Helen’s cover artwork and a print of an original photo by Blam! Early copies ordered by members of our email list also received an original Philippe Auliac print.

Contributors to issue 4 included:

  • Kevin Armstrong
  • Mike Garson
  • Glenn Gregory
  • Des Henly
  • Marshall Jarman
  • Gerry Leonard
  • Sean Mayes (diaries)
  • Steve Norman
  • Marc Riley
  • Carmine Rojas
  • George Underwood
  • Rick Wakeman

And, of course,… THE FANS!

“It’s awesome. Beautiful publication” – Gerry Leonard