Back Issues

Sadly, we don’t have any stock of any back issues for sale. They’ve all sold out and we have no plans to reprint. We may, however, print a collected volume at some point.

Below are the details of our past issues.

Issue 1


Being the first, issue 1 is very special to us.  Andy and Nick dreamed up the idea of producing a new David Bowie fanzine in October 2016, having talked about the possibility for many years. The dream started to become a reality when Chris Jones at Milky Cereal contacted Nick to offer his services as a designer. We were soon joined by Helen Green, our amazing cover artist.

Initially, we thought we might sell 50-100 copies. We opened for pre-orders in December 2016 and sold out 350 copies in two-and-a-half days which we shipped to fans in January. It came with an A3 sized poster of the cover. 

When copies started to change hands for big money on eBay, we decided to do a reprint so that fans could get it from us for the cover price instead of paying collector prices. About 1000 copies now exist in all. There are three versions which are subtly different. The differences are mainly due to printing techniques.

The popularity of the fanzine took us by surprise. We were also delighted by the generosity of David’s friends and associates who gave their time and energy to make it a reality.

We don’t have any plans to reprint issue 1. It has now become very collectible and is fetching high prices once again.

Issue 1 contributors included:

“Well done everyone on the ULTIMATE FANZINE.. so many memories for all.”

Woody Woodmansey

Issue 2


Issue 2 was available in May 2017. It was our first issue to be featured on David Bowie’s official website and media – to whom we are very grateful. We were also delighted to receive national media coverage from BBC 6 Music on a number of occasions and to feature in GQ magazine’s list of 100 best things of the year.

Issue 2 featured a spot UV cover and came with an A3 sized poster of the cover. We printed 1000 copies, which sold out quickly. Like issue 1, it is now commanding high prices on eBay.

Issue 2 contributors included:

“A great fanzine.” – Cerys Matthews (BBC Radio 6 Music)

Issue 3


For Issue 3, we went all out to make the issue as great as we possibly could. It was launched on and on David Bowie’s official media. And Iman herself got in touch to compliment us on the fanzine! We printed 1000 copies and it sold out.

Issue 3 had a gatefold cover and more pages than ever before. It was beautifully designed by Chris at Milky Cereal with stunning cover artwork by Helen Green. Editors Andy Jones and Nick Smart gathered content from a range of top contributors.

Issue 3 contributors included:

and of course… THE FANS.

“I’m going to kick back and read every article” – Tony Visconti

Issue 4

Issue 4 on pale bg - square

Issue 4 was our most successful issue yet!

It was the first to be designed by the absurdly talented Lizzie Capewell. The fabulous cover art was by Helen Green as always. It really was beautiful and lived up to our tag line ‘every page is like a poster’. At eighty pages, it was almost double the size of issues 1 and 2. It also had, in our opinion, some of the best content ever.

Issue 4 came with a lithograph art print of Helen’s cover artwork and a print of an original photo by Blam! Early copies ordered by members of our email list also received an original Philippe Auliac print.

Contributors to issue 4 included:

  • Kevin Armstrong
  • Mike Garson
  • Glenn Gregory
  • Des Henly
  • Marshall Jarman
  • Gerry Leonard
  • Sean Mayes (diaries)
  • Steve Norman
  • Marc Riley
  • Carmine Rojas
  • George Underwood
  • Rick Wakeman

And, of course,… THE FANS!

“It’s awesome. Beautiful publication” – Gerry Leonard

Issue 5

Blackstar-Cover-reveal-2000px-whtThis was a very special issue of David Bowie: Glamour! Our Blackstar special!

To get a real understanding of David’s final masterpiece, we interviewed every member of the band:

  • Mark Guiliana
  • Tim Lefebvre
  • Jason Lindner
  • Donny McCaslin
  • Ben Monder

We also had a foreword by producer, the legendary

  • Tony Visconti

and a major interview with designer

  • Jonathan Barnbrook.

Plus other original articles and analysis.

Not forgetting, of course… the fans!

Lizzie’s design was striking and dramatic and Helen’s cover was both powerful and emotive.

As we’d taken a thematic approach for the first time, we wondered if that would impact sales. It did. It sold out faster than any previous issue! It was sixty-four pages and contained many revelations about the era.

We think it is an important document and the most comprehensive treatise of Blackstar yet produced.

Everyone who ordered received two art prints (one of the stunning cover by Helen Green and one of a powerful image by David Manktelow. People who ordered through our mailing list also received an exclusive band image and a variation of the cover, both by Helen.

“Keep up the good work. Love and gratitude.” –  Iman