Issue 5

Blackstar-Cover-reveal-2000px-whtThis was a very special issue of David Bowie: Glamour! Our Blackstar special!

To get a real understanding of David’s final masterpiece, we interviewed every member of the band:

  • Mark Guiliana
  • Tim Lefebvre
  • Jason Lindner
  • Donny McCaslin
  • Ben Monder

We also had a foreword by producer, the legendary

  • Tony Visconti

and a major interview with designer

  • Jonathan Barnbrook.

Plus other original articles and analysis.

Not forgetting, of course… the fans!

Lizzie’s design was striking and dramatic and Helen’s cover was both powerful and emotive.

As we’d taken a thematic approach for the first time, we wondered if that would impact sales. It did. It sold out faster than any previous issue! It was sixty-four pages and contained many revelations about the era.

We think it is an important document and the most comprehensive treatise of Blackstar yet produced.

Everyone who ordered received two art prints (one of the stunning cover by Helen Green and one of a powerful image by David Manktelow. People who ordered through our mailing list also received an exclusive band image and a variation of the cover, both by Helen.

“Keep up the good work. Love and gratitude.” –  Iman